Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Putting All Out There

In the coming months many things are in store for myself and the people around me, it is exciting and at the same time terrifying, it is a scary feeling not knowing how these things will turn out but exhilarating to test your limits. How are you testing your limits? Are trying something new? Awesome is the goal and you are truly capable of it.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Sharing Myself

Yes, the finishing school and career starting hustle is always in motion but I am always working on my personal and social life, you know enjoying life and everything with it. I am fortunate to have met and kept some very good friends but I also want to find a love of my own. It's funny my work ethic, my creativity, my personality is very highly revered by men...but often only results in me being there partner on projects, or assigned something because they know I can do it. Just once I would want a date, rather than a random hangout, or group project. Is that asking for too much? I am a just being dramatic? Maybe but I hope to find that "It's not complete without Jasmine right beside me" kinda lover


Where I've Been

In the crazy pursuit of financial stability and career building , I have managed to find a 2nd job, that I must say is having it's ups and downs...I have always known I needed to be in field that allows me to get to know new people and experience new things, so I knew landing a cocktail waitress position would be a different experience. Getting tired pick-up lines and hearing older men tell me how they are going to take care of me financially if they could get just one little something-something from me is one thing but dealing with the lack of security in my position is by far the worse part. It's a scary experience working 10-12 hour shift at lower than minimum wage and tips worrying everyday if you will be able to keep the job. It's one thing to hear it from fellow employees it's another to hear it from regular customers. That's where I've been in a crazy, alcoholic, high caloric uneasy new job. All ranging from the absolutely crazy and honestly purely neurotic reasons behind ending employment so I think it's best I find a new job better suited to my personality and career goals.