Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Lost in the Grind

As of lately with school, work, and other pursuits I have noticed that I am approaching burnout and beginning to lose sight of my main goals, to graduate in May and get my animated project off the ground. A few derailments have come my way, being issued a bad check drained my account, expensive traffic tickets, and not to mention issues with keeping up in school. Even in my family we have suffered losses due to cancer complications and it's becoming harder for me to 'keep it together'. It seems I'm always working and for little payment and reward and it makes me feel so guilty because if don't get things done, it may never be done or worse someone or something now feels like I don't care about them. It's alot, and awareness is the first step is solving the problem.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Maybe I Am Too Nice

    Still recoiling from the lack of cash flow last month, and will be getting a roommate soon. The many roles I have are beginning to take their toll, it seems as though the effort I put in is not being appreciated and yielding little benefit.
     A refocus is needed which means making a few non-priorities understand why they are non-priorities. I work too hard, and too much to be unappreciated, and for that matter to be underpaid or unpaid. I will find and keep that job, that dream job, that will have me and my family successful that will keep me out of debt and help keep my hand out of my parents' pockets and oh yes I will find a great man, who supports and appreciates me and my dreams.
    Clearly, I have to be tougher and not so giving...I'm important too and maybe not being as available would help others to see that.