Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stack Some Paper

As a Broadcast Journalism major I write a lot and have written extensively throughout my matriculation so I have a pretty packed portfolio. I have written articles, editorials, press releases, media advisories and scripts for commercials and radio broadcasts. And have been truly blessed by the experiences that being a journalist has brought me I have witnessed fabulous, breath taking events and have  been able to chronicle them eloquently. Although my passion is in television and film, I am honored by the broadcast journalism foundations. Being ethical in delivering information is something I hold dear but as of lately it seems that ethics is lacking quality in mainstream media becoming bullies in how they depict certain situations and the people involved in them. Bullying is not just a childhood issue but a everyday issue for all ages and we must be more vigilant in protecting the conditions of each other spirits.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I did it, I managed to the make enough money to cover my bills from my below minimum wage job! I fully intend on enjoying myself now that expenses are covered too ( I'm thinking of some concert tickets and a night on the town *smiles ). In all of the 2nd job searching and careful spending, I must admit I began to feel worthless, that I have no desirable qualities in my personality or work ethic that is worth hiring and that really hurts. It didn't help that my love life is currently making me feel the same way, hurt and worthless. Job search wise, I have always done well with interviews and if it progresses I perform very well but as of lately it seems as though the great resume and interview attracts them but the prospect of actually paying the qualified applicant is where they lose interest. Am I not worth the expense? Why did you post a job opening if you were not intending on paying anyone?...Hence the worthless feeling. The guy, I guess I will just have to give up on, I don't know what happened or what I did to make things take this no contact or quality time turn. I don't have any hard feelings for him mostly because the worthlessness also comes with a swirl of confusion. I will get an amazing 2nd job and other sources of income very soon I will not stop searching until I have them.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Broke but Determined

As the end of the month nears and the need for more income increases, I get a little more hurt by my financial status. I refuse to allow my below minimum wage pay prevent me from being independent and saving my parents' money. It is heart breaking not being able to pay for and do certain things but  I know it is a temporary state, sometime soon I will be a gainfully employed Broadcast Journalism student. A 2nd job will come along and ease my financial stresses and allow me to enjoy my life as well. I could get discouraged by all of the bills that must be paid and the little money I do have, that is easy. Picking myself up and applying and interviewing for new jobs despite of it all is tougher, and in being a Queen I will have to handle the tough stuff to get to all the fun stuff.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tear the Roof Off

As I continue my journey into home ownership I have experienced my very first home improvement project. Waking up to rumbles and hammering is quite the wake up call but it was needed, my roof is being replaced. The home I live in is over 40 years old and needed the upgrade but it made me think, that roof was old, outdated, and sadly beginning to seep into the house. It reminds me of closed mindedness how once a person has adapted a particular system of thought they often think that's it...that's the only roof or way of thinking they are going to need. When will those people get a new roof? They have been thinking one way for so long and taught their children that way of thinking, that when a moment of innovation comes their way it is shamed and cast out. I have learned that keeping open mind or in this case getting a new roof is absolutely necessary because I lacked a certain amount of exposure why would I deny that right to others.

Just something to think about...when was the last time you tried something new or explored a new venture?

Friday, June 14, 2013

This Queen Wants A Lot of Fun

I am constantly complimented on how task oriented I am or how my work ethic is amazing, it's great to hear and honestly keeps me going. But lately I have been feeling that my "Get It Done" attitude is unappreciated...that being reliable allows me to be used. I am tired of it, I am tired of tiring myself out being the person chasing after things while others set back and complain about how it is not coming to them. It's unfair...It's my turn! Time for me to have fun and enjoy myself, I work too hard not to, it will be nice to see someone else do all the pushing and sacrificing. Every Queen needs to do work to maintain her Queendom, but in her dedication and diligence she is appreciated, thanked, and even honored for all her it wrong for me to ask for the same? No one likes to be used let alone unappreciated it seems as though those around me have been spoiled or just have come to expect me to do whatever it is to get things done. That's why this Queen will make sure she has a lot of fun!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Someone To Share My Throne With

   In all this career planning I do truly hope to find love  too, I have had romances and disappointments of the heart but I want love, I want to find that one man that will work hard for me just as I would for him. I have seen many movies and came across many real life couples that have the kind of love I want. The kind of love that has a man saying to himself ' My dreams aren't complete without her/him in them'.   I'll admit I am not the easiest young woman to love, it's very hard for me to let my guard down because often times when I have let my walls down, I have ended up let down or worse...I put more into the relationship then that of the young man I am involved with.

I know, I know everything comes with patience and when the right guy comes along I will just know it. I just to express that I am not a crazy workaholic who doesn't know how to live and have fun... I am human, I am a woman with wants and needs that are often hard to see if they will be met.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Every Reign Has Its Struggles's one month in and finding a second job has been difficult. I have applied to many places and expressed my interest in employment to some very well connected people. What sucks the most is having bills to pay with very little income...I am staying positive. I'm sure an opportunity will come along that is tailor made for me. I am currently trying to find new ways of producing income that does not involve my usual babysitting that I have done since middle school. I am a senior in college and a Broadcast Journalism student no less and should have a job and career that highlights my passion for television and film production. As I mentioned in my title "Every Reign Has Its Struggles" and as a young woman building my throne the struggles are expected as they are tests and opportunities for growth, they are just a pain to endure. I set out to find a way to support myself and relieve my parents of being 100% financially responsible for me and I will, they have sacrificed enough for my education and development the least I can do is become an extraordinary Queen of my life.