Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I did it, I managed to the make enough money to cover my bills from my below minimum wage job! I fully intend on enjoying myself now that expenses are covered too ( I'm thinking of some concert tickets and a night on the town *smiles ). In all of the 2nd job searching and careful spending, I must admit I began to feel worthless, that I have no desirable qualities in my personality or work ethic that is worth hiring and that really hurts. It didn't help that my love life is currently making me feel the same way, hurt and worthless. Job search wise, I have always done well with interviews and if it progresses I perform very well but as of lately it seems as though the great resume and interview attracts them but the prospect of actually paying the qualified applicant is where they lose interest. Am I not worth the expense? Why did you post a job opening if you were not intending on paying anyone?...Hence the worthless feeling. The guy, I guess I will just have to give up on, I don't know what happened or what I did to make things take this no contact or quality time turn. I don't have any hard feelings for him mostly because the worthlessness also comes with a swirl of confusion. I will get an amazing 2nd job and other sources of income very soon I will not stop searching until I have them.

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