Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tear the Roof Off

As I continue my journey into home ownership I have experienced my very first home improvement project. Waking up to rumbles and hammering is quite the wake up call but it was needed, my roof is being replaced. The home I live in is over 40 years old and needed the upgrade but it made me think, that roof was old, outdated, and sadly beginning to seep into the house. It reminds me of closed mindedness how once a person has adapted a particular system of thought they often think that's it...that's the only roof or way of thinking they are going to need. When will those people get a new roof? They have been thinking one way for so long and taught their children that way of thinking, that when a moment of innovation comes their way it is shamed and cast out. I have learned that keeping open mind or in this case getting a new roof is absolutely necessary because I lacked a certain amount of exposure why would I deny that right to others.

Just something to think about...when was the last time you tried something new or explored a new venture?

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