Thursday, June 13, 2013

Someone To Share My Throne With

   In all this career planning I do truly hope to find love  too, I have had romances and disappointments of the heart but I want love, I want to find that one man that will work hard for me just as I would for him. I have seen many movies and came across many real life couples that have the kind of love I want. The kind of love that has a man saying to himself ' My dreams aren't complete without her/him in them'.   I'll admit I am not the easiest young woman to love, it's very hard for me to let my guard down because often times when I have let my walls down, I have ended up let down or worse...I put more into the relationship then that of the young man I am involved with.

I know, I know everything comes with patience and when the right guy comes along I will just know it. I just to express that I am not a crazy workaholic who doesn't know how to live and have fun... I am human, I am a woman with wants and needs that are often hard to see if they will be met.

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