Friday, June 14, 2013

This Queen Wants A Lot of Fun

I am constantly complimented on how task oriented I am or how my work ethic is amazing, it's great to hear and honestly keeps me going. But lately I have been feeling that my "Get It Done" attitude is unappreciated...that being reliable allows me to be used. I am tired of it, I am tired of tiring myself out being the person chasing after things while others set back and complain about how it is not coming to them. It's unfair...It's my turn! Time for me to have fun and enjoy myself, I work too hard not to, it will be nice to see someone else do all the pushing and sacrificing. Every Queen needs to do work to maintain her Queendom, but in her dedication and diligence she is appreciated, thanked, and even honored for all her it wrong for me to ask for the same? No one likes to be used let alone unappreciated it seems as though those around me have been spoiled or just have come to expect me to do whatever it is to get things done. That's why this Queen will make sure she has a lot of fun!

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