Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Every Reign Has Its Struggles's one month in and finding a second job has been difficult. I have applied to many places and expressed my interest in employment to some very well connected people. What sucks the most is having bills to pay with very little income...I am staying positive. I'm sure an opportunity will come along that is tailor made for me. I am currently trying to find new ways of producing income that does not involve my usual babysitting that I have done since middle school. I am a senior in college and a Broadcast Journalism student no less and should have a job and career that highlights my passion for television and film production. As I mentioned in my title "Every Reign Has Its Struggles" and as a young woman building my throne the struggles are expected as they are tests and opportunities for growth, they are just a pain to endure. I set out to find a way to support myself and relieve my parents of being 100% financially responsible for me and I will, they have sacrificed enough for my education and development the least I can do is become an extraordinary Queen of my life.

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