Saturday, July 6, 2013

Switch Up the Flow

In pushing my leadership skills to beyond the background I have learned a thing or two about comfort zones. Comfort zones those mental and emotional boundaries we set that really do more harm than good, they create a fear in us to be greater. When we push through our fears and insecurities we enter our courage zone, that amazingly scary part of living that will make you look at your comfort zone and laugh. Switch up the flow, how long will you be waiting for your moment in the sun? I know I am sick and tired of getting the second fiddle...I work hard and pray everyday for that moment, that beautiful moment when the stars align, the spotlight is on me and I sparkle and shine. Aside from my comfort zone and fears I know there is more out there for me than struggling to make ends meet and being stuck wondering when will my soulmate come into my life and stay. As with everything in life, we have to switch up the flow a little bit, stir the pot and shake in some spice to really get what we want out of it.

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